About Us

LeRoy & Ann Vetch opened The Twist Cone in June 1970. The current owners, Lee & Sandy Klitzke, purchased the business in June 2006. They are the 3rd owners of this community favorite ice cream store. Their daughter, Jennifer, became manager in 2014. Lee & Sandy saw an opportunity to own a unique business and took it. Our motto is "A Little Taste of the Good Life." And our mission is "Where Customer Service is a Priority." We rely on our employees to carry out our mission and they do an outstanding job. We work as a team. They help us make The Twist Cone what it is. They also have a secret list of their own creations – “cookie monster twister, anyone?

The most distinctive part of our business is its history. For over 50 years, the goal has been to keep the restaurant as special as it was when it opened. As such, we try to remain consistent in the way we serve and the items we serve. Our goal is to serve our products quickly with a smile and a "thank you". We want our customers walking away happy. The great thing about our company is that parents can bring their kids to the get the same great treats they had as a child.

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